The Crew



Cassandra Custom Processing Sport-Caught Fish

Cassandra – Processing Sport-Caught Fish

I was born and raised in Bellingham, WA and grew up in a family with a long history of commercial fishing.  My second home was on the boat visiting my dad in the Summer up in Ketchikan, AK when I was young and for 11 seasons  as a crewmember on his boats the F/V Devotion and F/V Vis.

I received my degree from WWU/Huxley College in Environmental Policy and was determined to combine  my love of the sea, fish and this corner of the world and somehow educate/communicate to the general public that commercial fishing and eating fish was not a negative thing!  From the moment we shaped our business – we have made it our number one priority to market only wild, sustainable seafood.

I enjoy hearing the stories of our customers coming back from their fishing trips…no matter if it is commercial or sport….those trips make great memories and are a great lifestyle!


One thought on “The Crew

  1. 😀 love it. i lived in alaska for 20 years of my life and i cut fish for 2 years in a custom processing plant. do you have any room on your cutting board. skilled with knife 😉 i have a job lined up for this summer cutting tuna and i love to learn new cuts butttttt im really far from home all the way down here in san diego

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