Crab Season

It is dungeness crab season!  Here is a video of my brother-in-law’s boat the F/V Vis in action off the WA Coast.


Holidays….and Custom Processing

Did you catch a lot of fish this Summer?  Do you have leftovers in your freezer from the previous season?  If so – then have us hot-smoke or can your fish for holiday gift-giving or parties!

We are a HACCP certified facility – with the ability to hot-smoke Blackcod, Halibut, Salmon, Tuna.  We are are certified to can Tuna and Salmon.

All fish brought in for custom processing must be gutted and no bloodlines.

Our Drop-off Deadline this year for holiday custom processing will be:

Nov 12th for canned product

December 3rd for hot-smoked product

Start cleaning out those freezers!!

Bait Bucket Exchange!

The sport Dungeness crab season is just around the corner!

To meet the demand for crab bait – we are putting up our salmon and blackcod scraps and trim up in our reusable 3 gallon buckets with lids.

This program works similar to a  propane exchange – your first bucket of bait is $10.00 and when you return your clean/empty bucket & lid your refill is $5

We will not accept other buckets or pails for filling – only our branded buckets.   Other quantities of bait or soup stock requests will be $1.50/lb

Fresh True Cod! $4.50/lb

The Alaska pot cod fishery just ended and we received our last big delivery for awhile. We are offering fillets for $4.50/lb while supplies last!

True Cod is a mild flavored fish with a flaky texture. It is extremely versatile to cook with – steam, bake, fry. This fish is a great way to introduce seafood to kids diets also.

Coming soon…..Fresh Oregon Shrimpmeat!