Our Store

A sampling of our selections!Store Hours

Mon – Fri 10am – 6pm

Saturday 10am – 3pm

(360) 647-0207

2208 James St, Bellingham, WA

We offer a WIDE selection of wild seafood!

Our Freezer case  is self-serve and is packed with individually vacuum-sealed portions.  We offer almost 60 different items at any time.

Our Fresh Case is dynamic!  It changes daily and at times….hourly!  We buy smaller  quanities of fresh fish almost daily and fillet throughout the day so that your seafood purchase is at its best!

Our Smoked Seafood case is stacked with our own Smoked Salmon, Blackcod and Halibut smoked in-house.  We brine and smoke with sugar, salt and real alderwood chips.  No liquid smoke and no artificial preservatives are used!

Live Shellfish & Crab

Other offerings include:   local micro-beer, local wines, pickeled herring, smoked oysters


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