About Our History

Grandpa John with 4 of his brothers

Grandpa John with 3 of his brothers

Vis (rhymes with “peace”)  is an island in Croatia located in the Adriatic Sea.  Our family ties go back to this little island with 2 towns…Vis and Komiza.   When my dad built his boat,  a combo longliner/seiner,  he named it the “Vis” to reflect and honor our ties back to the “old country”.

Years later….we decided to embark on a mission to produce and market a gourmet canned salmon line under our own brand using fish direct from our boat.    Somehow – this snowballed into a full-service seafood market and processing/cannery facility beginning in 1996!

Now in our 14th year – our very small crew of 3 strive to provide the best of wild, ocean-caught seafood to our local customers and through our mail-order.   We go to great lengths  in providing seafood that our customers can be proud of serving to their family and friends.

Thank you for visiting!

Vis Seafood Logo


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